(before the concert; Andy Potter interviewing John Kilpatrick)

Festive Fancies

Buxton Methodist Church
venue 06 on the Fringe map
Saturday 26th July 2014 at 3.00pm

A musical mélange of reflections and recollections by the voices and instruments that brought you the 2012 award-winning “ Humour in Harmony”. A choral collage ranging from a Festival Gloria in the Latin language, through divers distractions, to John Kilpatrick’s Edward Lear suite "The Story of the Jumblies".

The performance was a success, though we didn't get an award or a nomination this year. See the Fringe review.

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nothing especially apt for really young children, but for older ones the Story of the Jumblies should be of some interest.

Jumblies and Dong with Bong Trees

They sailed away for a year-and-a-day
 to the land where the Bong Tree grows

Sheffield Lydian Ensemble comprised:

Choir - Sheffield Lydian Singers, a mixed choir of 14 voices

Instruments - an 8-piece wind ensemble (clarinets, horn, trombones) plus percussion and keyboards
Anne Huggins, Judith Wallace, Chris Watson, Beth Nichol, Andrew Kilpatrick, Brian Witten, Barry Dobson, Jim Langley, Catherine Eyre, George Nicholson

Directed by John Kilpatrick

Bong Tree

a Bong Tree
by John Kilpatrick

See here for the  PROGRAMME including programme notes and most of the words; the remaining words are in this SUPPLEMENT .

The programme's opening welcome and safety announcement was, in fact, a sung item (3 tenors and instrumental backing). Then came the first performance of a Festival Gloria written under the pseudonym Anthony Saintsman, which had been rejected (along with all other entries) in a competition run by a Sheffield choral society. After several choral and instrumental pieces, it proceeded to the more substantial "Story of the Jumblies", and ended with a beguine "To say goodbye".

After the end of the programme there were light refreshments, including the specially-made Bong Tree Biscuits.

Bong Tree Biscuit

a Bong Tree Biscuit
by Peter Kilpatrick