The Knave of Hearts - Gelett Burgess

The KNAVE OF HEARTS: if Euchred, List
To my Advice, t'would Help you. Whist!

THIS is the Knave of Hearts, beware!
Oh, trusting maidens, have a care!
There's not a Trick he will not do 
To capture such a one as you!
Full many a Queen he's made to blush,
for he enjoys a Royal Flush. 
But he will Bluff, and he'll revoke her.
He is a most capricious Joker.
For Jack is nimble, Jack is cute -
Be careful how you Follow Suit!
Trump though he is, please understand,
You must not let him Hold your Hand.
Oh, trust him not, until the hour
You're certain he is your Right Bower!
Then do not Cut him - let him Lead;
He'll give you a good Deal, indeed!