Scores and Parts of the Jumblies Suite 
(The Story of The Jumblies)
by John Kilpatrick

This is a complete list of the score, parts, and other PDFs of this suite. Click on the adjacent PDF icon.

   Full score 832KB 118 pages inc. front cover (see note 1)
   Vocal score 657KB 54 pages inc. front cover (see note 1)
   Piano 127KB 14 pages (for narrative sections; for choir rehearsal use the Vocal score)
   Clarinet 1 591KB 16 pages
   Clarinet 2 567KB 16 pages
   Clarinet 3 548KB 16 pages
   Bass Clarinet 458KB 12 pages
   Trombone 1 409KB 12 pages
   Trombone 2 418KB 12 pages
   Trombone 3 (bass) 401KB 12 pages
   French horn 392KB 12 pages
   Percussion 159KB 12 pages
   Libretto 21KB 4 pages

note 1: The front cover including the blank flip side should be printed on card, and a matching blank card added to form a back cover.
others: The paging is suitable for printing as A3 size, four x A4 per sheet; though the piano part would need two blank pages adding at the back.